Sherri resides in San Marcos, California with her incredibly supportive husband and goofy Great Dane. Their home is filled with music, love, laughter and delicious food.


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Life is so good, and I'm grateful and BLESSED to have found my calling as a Life, Health & Happiness Coach.  

In my mid-20s, after the passing of my dad, my life changed in unexpected ways. I quickly became passionate about personal development because I wanted to proactively avoid following my dad's path which led him to take his own life.

So I immersed myself in countless books, weekend retreats, workshops, and conventions where I learned from such masters as Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins, Iyanla Vanzant, Landmark Education, and Abraham-Hicks. This journey ultimately led to creating a deeply fulfilling, happy, and passionate life for myself.

And that is awesome! But that was only part of the puzzle.

The health and nutrition piece came in as I approached 40 and was beginning to buy into the pervasive idea that feeling tired, achy, foggy-brained and overweight was “normal” as we age. 

But I definitely wasn't ready to believe that! So I took matters into my own hands again and changed my outcome -- and even lowered my cholesterol 100 points without medication too. I now feel more vibrant, healthy, and energetic than I did in my 20s! Take that, nay-sayers!

After experiencing for myself the power of making small, consistent shifts in my nutrition, mindset, daily movement, and routines, I began a new mission to spread the word that FEELING CRAPPY ISN’T NORMAL!

This is why I care! Because I have a sneaky suspicion that you may be pondering things like "Is this all there is?" or "Why is my body betraying me?" 

Or maybe you've got some false beliefs that say, "I'm too busy, tired, broke, [insert your favorite reason] to take care of myself." 

Well, I'm here to help! Because you are way too bright of a light to become dimmed like that. And I've got lots of ways for you to be involved in creating a body you adore and a daily life that lights you up.

Life is what you make it. And I intend to continue to make mine full of adventure, love, passion, and health!

How about you?


Institute for Integrative Nutrition (Holistic Health & Wellness Coach)

Dr. Sears Wellness Institute (Health Coach)

Transformation Academy  (Happiness Life Coach)

Currently Enrolled:

Master Life Coach Training Program at Transformation Academy