[Video] Do You Have an "Inner Mean Girl"?

The time to cultivate self-love is now...not when you reach a certain size or look a certain age, or have the right outfit or enough money or a better relationship. 


But despite how beautiful, smart, successful, and caring you are, self-love can be elusive because you're most likely being bombarded by a relentless negative inner critic.

You know the voice that pipes in with harsh criticisms, reminding you of your perceived imperfections, and attempts to convince you that you're not good enough, pretty enough, young enough, thin enough, curvy enough, fit enough?

Yep. That voice. It's what I call your inner mean girl. Have you heard her?

Well, guess what? You don't have to listen to her. You don't have to believe her. And you most definitely don't have to allow her to call the shots for you!  

In fact, it's time to harness your inner warrior spirit and learn how to silence her B.S. so you can enjoy your uniquely beautiful body and your precious life RIGHT NOW!

Watch my Wellness Wednesday Facebook Live Replay for my 10 steps to become your own best friend and adore your body.

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