Let Freedom Ring!

Freedom by La Chapeliere Folle

Freedom by La Chapeliere Folle

Yesterday was Independence Day for the U.S. (Happy Birthday, America!) So over the last few days, I've been spending some time reflecting on the theme of freedom, and then the message was magnified while watching an episode of "Chopped" last night. (Who would have thought that a cooking competition TV show would have such an impact on me!)

One of the contestants was a young 20-something chef who answered the judge's question of why she is so ambitious and accomplished at such a young age. She shared that when she was a child, her mother and father escaped political unrest from her home country and immigrated to the U.S. to begin a precious life of freedom. 

She then vowed that she would seize the opportunities available to her in this country by dreaming big, working hard, and persevering through obstacles. 

Although she didn't win the competition, she won my heart. And she inspired me to wonder, "Do those of us born with this freedom sometimes need a reminder to seize every opportunity, work hard, and persevere?"

If so, here's a loving reminder!  

Are you allowing yourself the freedom to:

  • BE authentically who you are (rather than who others want you to be)?
  • DO the things daily that light you up?
  • HAVE the life experience you dream of?

have to confess: I spent way too many years not taking full advantage of my freedom to live the life I really wanted. I was just going through the motions, waiting for the end of the workday, the weekend, or vacations to REALLY LIVE my life. This continued for 23 years! 

Maybe you can relate.

And then one day I took a chance. I followed my curiosity, interests, and natural passions and everything began opening up. The more I stepped in the direction of my dreams, the more each logical next step became clear to me. 

Now that I am coaching, I can finally answer a resounding YES to all three of the above questions!

And I truly wish that for everyone.

So if  you're like I was, not seizing your opportunities to live your best life, you might be wondering how to go about changing this.

And while Joseph Campbell advised, "Follow your bliss," some of my clients have asked, "What if I don't know what my bliss is?" This is where Elizabeth Gilbert, author of "Eat, Pray, Love" and most recently "Big Magic" fills the gap with the suggestion, "Follow your curiosity."

I love that little gem because we all have curiosity, and following our curiosity might not seem as daunting as finding our bliss or passion might. 

What makes you ponder, wonder, and seek answers? There may be a trail there to follow that could lead to your BLISS. 

So this summer, let's re-ignite a commitment to seize our opportunities of freedom to be, do, and have the life we want to create for ourselves! And I'll be right there with you, continuing to take each scary new step into the blissful unknown.

Your personal thrive coach,