Sherri Starr Wellness Alumni Wall of Fame

“Wow. I feel like Sherri's Eat Play Thrive Course finally allowed me to get to the root of my issues which has propelled me into life changing habits of happiness and health.

I dropped 35 lbs, which is great, but not even the most significant benefit this course has given me. My life is more free, more rich, and more joyful than ever before. My thinking has changed which has led to improvements at work and even with my marriage. This is just the start and Sherri's gentle yet inspiring approach is just what I need to live the best life I can.” ~Jessica, Iowa


"The impact Sherri’s Eat Play Thrive Sessions have had on my life has reached far beyond what I originally expected. 

Sherri has a gentle but effective coaching method. She has a way of helping people find their own way on the journey to overall health instead of filling our lives with rules and shoulds. Her sessions are thorough and filled with love, care, humor and inspiration. " 

~Lydia, Norway, yoga instructor, massage therapist


"The Eat Play Thrive course has been a wonderful journey of self-discovery and 'aha' moments. I feel happier, healthier, and inspired to continue moving forward in accomplishing the dreams and goals, big and small, that have seemed out of reach with the tools this course has given me.

My favorite part of the course was the weekly live coaching sessions where members of our group could share their challenges and victories in a safe, nurturing environment as Sherri gently guided each of us in overcoming our challenges and celebrating our victories.

Through this course I've definitely had a mindset shift which has made all the difference from improvements in my relationships with others to eating healthier, setting healthy boundaries, and being inspired to get that consistent exercise in each week that has been on my to-do list forever. Thank you, Sherri, for a great program!" ~Nina, California


“Wow... I just completed Sherri's Eat Play Thrive online class and what a wonderful experience. This is a very powerful class that gets you where you want to be in just a few short months. The online classroom has a clean interface and is easy to use. Every week she has a lecture or two and some assignments as well as a group call. She covered so much in the course I can't even begin to share except that each lesson builds upon the next. She puts a lot of detail and attention into everything and her response time is lightning fast. Always positive. Always encouraging.” ~ Yasmeen, California


I took Sherri’s online live coaching courses because I wanted to go deeper with my eating habits, and understand better why I'm struggling, and most importantly, to maintain a healthy weight, which I have finally been able to do.

I love the weekly guided visualizations!! The Facebook closed group is also really helpful, and it definitely creates a united group or tribe feel.

Her programs have re-enforced, and positively pushed me to continue the self improvement journey. I'm a work in progress! I now have abetter quality and enjoyment in life. Sherri has taught me that even in my perceived failures there is a lesson, a gold nugget to mine, and with that nugget, try again! Always move forward towards the light.  ~ Linda, California


"I lost 16 pounds, have increased energy, and have learned Sherri's tools to continue to set myself up for success.

This is not another diet. It's a total lifestyle transformation." 

~Theresa, California


"I lost 15 pounds, and I feel so good to fit back into my clothes, and even better to not be a prisoner to sugar and sweets. 

It doesn't even feel like it was that much work. It was so natural."

~Mia, California, Owner of Little Stitches


"Sherri is an amazing bright light. I trust her completely. She truly lives what she is teaching. She has brightened my day with every interaction. 

Thank you Sherri for your gifts! I highly recommend working with her."

~Danielle, California, founder of WorldNativ


"I must say that I have rarely encountered a patient/practitioner with such a solid understanding of many of the areas that we explore in functional diagnostic medicine...ranging from metabolic function, to GI health, to genetic predisposition to disease and on. 

Sherri is a delight to work with and I am sure she would be a tremendous asset to anyone looking to elevate their overall health and wellbeing through her wellness practice."

~Dr. Steven Bennett, California, Chiropractor and Functional Therapies Specialist 


"I have lost 15 pounds, experienced better overall wellbeing with a new way to eat, plan meals, and pack lunches.  Also I have increased energy and a better balanced digestive system

I love Sherri. She is smart, inspiring and is as vested in your goals as you are. I loved that she answered my crazy food label texts and was always available if I needed anything." ~ Theresa, California


"I feel invincible and fantastic and empowered to make healthy, positive, mindful choices. 

You’d think a wellness coach is all about you and your body, but I found that once those issues are addressed, the world is so much more vast and there are so many more meaningful things to focus your energy on.

I’ve learned that there is not a magic bullet or potion. We’re all so uniquely different but Sherri is able to provide techniques and suggestions to try, and if you are open, you will find which things work well for you and which don’t to put you on that path to your own optimal healthy self. 

We did a session at the beach as we discussed body image. We broke though old patterns just by discussing what I thought was reality and now I am on to a new reality where I no longer need the ultimate in perceived perfection to feel fantastic about the body I live in.

I would describe Sherri as a solid, dependable, open-minded, dynamic dynamo! I felt 100% comfortable in her capable hands. She listens intently and well. She is able to distill down what it is I am saying and make recommendations on what I might consider doing to address my concerns. 

I loved working with Sherri. She is incredibly supportive and nurturing. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to be on the path to their own personal optimal health.

Even if you think you have all the answers for yourself or are highly informed, Sherri is in a constant state of improving her educational foundation. I found she would go seek out answers to help personalize a formula uniquely to me which I so greatly appreciated. I loved all the personalized messages, emails and discussions." ~ Lori, California

Anonymous - CA

"I called Sherri for a consultation appointment and I was so ready for something new & different in my life and what Sherri & I talked about and what she shared with me was intriguing. 

I told Sherri I was having sciatica pain, joint pain (possibly arthritis) and I couldn't lose weight even with my old standby like Medifast. I was in a lot of pain and very frustrated! 

Sherri made eating changes for me and helped me to create a healthy way of eating whole foods, organic and sugar free in order to get my body back to a place that was toxin free which allowed my body to heal through food and nutrition and also allowed my body to release extra weight I had been trying to lose. 

I worked with Sherri for 3 months and enjoyed our sessions very much and looked forward to every email I received as I learned so much from her that I can take with me for the rest of my life. 

After the 3 months my joint pain has gone, I've lost weight, all aches and pain are gone, my skin is amazing, I have so much energy it has shocked me.😃 I've learned what it takes to heal my body through nutrition and I love it! 

I highly recommend Sherri as she is caring, a great listener, and is so motivating to support you as your health coach. Plus...I love that I have a new friend, one I know I can always turn anytime for support!"

"I feel so amazing.  My body wants to move and live.  You are a true expert and have transformed my eating lifestyle to pure goodness. You are changing lives!"

Kim - CA

"I have lost 20 pounds in three weeks.  I've never felt so great.  On Easter, I ate my own food and it was really easy (did not even miss eating the bad food).  Thanks for your help.  You're awesome!"

Marci - CA